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Thanking of YouTM Terms of Use

Welcome to ThankingOfYou.com, the Web-based forum for posting and receiving stories of gratitude (messages of thanks) to recognize, affirm and honor those who've made a difference in our lives.

By using ThankingOfYou.com you are accepting the terms of use and conditions set forth.  They're pretty simple: behave ethically, lawfully and with good intentions.  If you do not agree to comply with ThankingOfYou.com's Terms of Use you must cease to use the site.  ThankingOfYou.com is a registered mark and a service of Virginia-incorporated Thanking of You, LLC.  All rights to content, design and use are reserved by ThankingOfYou.com.

1.  Conduct:  By posting a story of gratitude (message of thanks), you, the user, declare that its fact-based content is true to the best of your recollection and that your intentions are to thank/praise a group or individual for contribution/s that have positively impacted you in some way.  Users may not post stories with the intent to defame, slander, hurt or bring any type of damage to another.  The use of pornographic, illegal, abusive and/or excessively profane material is prohibited.  You, the user, are responsible for the content of your messages.  

"Negative Content" reports may be made easily by clicking the report line below any message.  ThankingOfYou.com will review reported stories of gratitude for highly-offensive content.  ThankingOfYou.com reserves the right to remove stories at the team's discretion and/or reader complaint, but is not obligated to do so.  If you report a message which you believe violates the rights of another and it is not removed within 48 hours, you may contact us to discuss the matter further.

2.  Copyrights:  All content remains the intellectual property of ThankingOfYou.com; stories posted by members remain the joint property of ThankingOfYou.com and the original authors.  Authors have ultimate rights to their own material.  By posting material at ThankingOfYou.com authors grant Thanking of You, LLC the right to publish it. Third parties are permitted and encouraged to share ThankingOfYou.com stories of gratitude via social media sites, e-mail and other share avenues if the content clearly conveys that it originated at ThankingOfYou.com.  For instance, re-posting a Thank You video on your own blog or social network profile wall, or linking a story to a Twitter post, newsletter, e-mail, etc., is a great idea and the ThankingOfYou.com name and/or browser URL should be used to do so.  But claiming the content as a third party's own idea/work is a copyright infringement.  Viewers (third parties) are not permitted to republish authors' stories of gratitude (messages of thanks) in any way (other than sharing it via ThankingOfYou.com) without the written permission of author/s or Thanking of You, LLC.  ThankingOfYou.com is permitted to display the material that authors post and may use any content posted on-site for purposes related to growth, promotion and further development of the site.  ThankingOfYou.com does not share members' unpublished information. 

No portion of this Web site's own content or design may be copied or re-published by another. 

3.  Disclaimer:  ThankingOfYou.com provides a forum within which people may engage in responsible, productive behavior for the benefit of human relations.  ThankingOfYou.com is not responsible for the misbahavior of site users, nor for any damages that may occur as a direct or indirect result of proper use or of user abuse/misconduct.  ThankingOfYou.com reserves the right, but not the obligation, to prosecute site abusers to the full extent of the law.  We reserve the right to modify Terms of Use and any other element of the site at will.  The Terms of Use will be accessible for review; please review it as often as your interest dictates.

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